You are tired of pretending everything is okay in your relationships. You’ve become a pro at hiding your pain. Like a shaken champagne bottle, you are one step away from exploding. People around you do not know that you have lowered your own expectations on life. Your giving and serving has not been appreciated for years. Small—talk from friends and family is nothing more than noise to you. Your workmates have hijacked and claimed your best ideas as their own. The smirk on your face does little in sending a message of displeasure or disgust to the phonies in your life. A straitjacket is where you’ll end up if your expression ever came out. Your soul has finally gone to where it’s safe; in a closet of silence. The term, “neighbor” describes the lover in your life. Even Santa could not deliver your wish of a simple, “Thank You” Christmas card from somebody out there. Your dating cycles are just that; breakups and hookups, nothing more… If this describes how you feel, you are not crazy or sick.
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