Building An Empire

J. Alexander Martin was born in Hollis Queens New York. Hollis is a residential neighborhood located in the southeastern section of the New York City borough of Queens. It’s a predominantly African American community with small minority populations of Hispanics and South Asians. For those who are not familiar with locating Hollis, its sandwiched between Jamaica to the west and Queens Village to the east. J. Alexander as we call him, developed a desire for fashion at a young age. In those days, young people in New York defined their urban culture through fashion. Not only did he develop a knack for looking great, but pursued fashion as an entrepreneur. Armed with an evoked confidence, motivated for survival and with a clear sense of direction, he navigated the streets of New York, resisted peer pressure and enticement of pleasurable lifestyles to stay the course and made something for himself; business. J. Alexander served in the United States Navy during Desert Storm. Later attended Fashion Institute of Technology.
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