Believers Guide to Wealth

I started the Certified Financial Planners coursework at North Carolina State University and some of the information used came from my classwork in preparation for the CFP exam at NC State University. Perhaps from my own personal study and the attempt to be good at the profession of a financial planner, contributed more than any other reference source. My tenure as a representative with Triad Executive Planners set the groundwork for my experience in this business. The work we did to help people see the light about life insurance, retirement, and planning for life is beyond reward. It is a fulfillment that goes deep into living life itself. The many people I’ve met over the years and some who became my clients and as well as my business associates. A well worthwhile experience and journey that has shaped my perspective in many ways in life. 

The Young Girl

This book for young girls and teenagers who find it hard to make it through middle school and high school as a Christian girl. This book provides insight and knowledge and meaning of friends, sex, beauty and more. These girls need to know truth and that they are not alone.

The Life of Party Artie

The older in age I became, the wiser I became. I learned to separate facts from feelings. Feelings are the things that will get to your head and cause you to make irrational decisions. Facts are the things that make you look at something logically and then make the best decision for you and your family. Memphis, Tennessee is one of those cities in which if you can make it and survive the woes of the city, then basically you can make it and survive anywhere. I know that statement sounds a bit cliché, but the upbringing in the city of Memphis is full of what we call slick talkers. A slick talker or fast talker is someone who is very charismatic in speech and is able without hesitation to manipulate a person or situation so the outcome will be in his/her favor; and the city is inundated with these types of personalities.


Dr KY DELE is an Award-winning international public affairs strategist, psychologist, and author. She builds bridges for stakeholders’ engagement in The Americas & Africa. She is a leading authority connecting governments, corporations, and community entities to foster economic development, diversity equity and inclusion, diaspora engagement, and international relations. Her work has resulted in the feature of over one billion media impressions with global, national, and local media outlets including CNN, Huffington Post, USA Today, World News, The Associated Press, BET, BBC, and morning television show appearances on CBS, Fox, NBC and many more.

The Mystery of Google Rankings

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Til Death Do Us Un-Part

She worked her ass off finally getting everything she wanted in life, and NOTHING was going to stand in her way – not other women, not societies hang ups, not even God. But…. everything comes with a price.

Building An Empire

J. Alexander Martin was born in Hollis Queens New York. Hollis is a residential neighborhood located in the southeastern section of the New York City borough of Queens. It’s a predominantly African American community with small minority populations of Hispanics and South Asians. For those who are not familiar with locating Hollis, its sandwiched between Jamaica to the west and Queens Village to the east. J. Alexander as we call him, developed a desire for fashion at a young age. In those days, young people in New York defined their urban culture through fashion. Not only did he develop a knack for looking great, but pursued fashion as an entrepreneur. Armed with an evoked confidence, motivated for survival and with a clear sense of direction, he navigated the streets of New York, resisted peer pressure and enticement of pleasurable lifestyles to stay the course and made something for himself; business. J. Alexander served in the United States Navy during Desert Storm. Later attended Fashion Institute of Technology.

23, Celibacy and Me

Who just wants to be twenty-three and celibate? I’ll wait! Not me! Those were my exact thoughts. I was fine right where I was. At least I thought. I was living the dream of an average young women in her twenties. I completed high school, moved out of my mother house, had a decent paying job, my own car, the boyfriend of my choice, I mean I was pretty, lit., right? Oh my, I was so wrong. Up until April of 2014 I had pretty much ran my own life. I mean yes, I was saved but I had no real relationship with Christ. Yes, I prayed; I went to church; I took communion; I had been baptized and all that good stuff but honestly none of that mattered because I had no clue what all of it meant. I was acting out of religion and not relationship.

Pecan Park

Christopher Ibekwe sat on a broken bench outside the bus station. He saw three dogs of different breeds and different stages of manginess. They wandered across the street away from him. None had collars. All looked near death. Christopher never had a dog, but he felt bad for the three he saw. They looked mean, desperate, and starving. He decided that would be their names. Flies orbited each of the animals like they were each their own dying planet. Rib bones penetrated patchy dry hair. They were at the same time depressing and terrifying. It takes a lot to be terrified in that way in the daytime. Christopher loved animals. But he couldn’t help but look at these three with absolute disgust. He didn’t even have a desire to draw them. He had been drawing since he could remember. It was what he did. But those beasts were not something worth memorializing. These were the things of ancient, vulgar nightmares. He watched as they marched down the road, following the dusty dirt path and veering a corner into the fade. A dirge could’ve played, and it would have not been out of place. He was not sad to see them go.

My Name is Rocky

Rocky is a kid who experiences bullying at school. He finds safety and guidance in his parents and teachers on how to confront a bully at school. And when he does, the whole class supports and gets behind him every step of the way.